Stop Illegal Towing

On Thursday, August 9th I exposed an illegal towing practice in our community. Cars are being illegally towed from a location where a business owner illegally extended sidewalks and created driveways without permits or plans.  I have submitted legislation in the NY City Council to end this practice by forcing private towing companies to reimburse car owners for illegal towing and to increase penalties for not removing illegal constructions by deadlines. Watch HERE

Looking for a Free Summer Experience for Kids? Check out Fresh Air Fund!

Sign up for The Fresh Air Fund’s free overnight summer programs. The Fresh Air Fund is still accepting applications for the Friendly Towns Program, which gives New York City children the opportunity to stay with a volunteer host family for one week.

Fresh Air Fund gives kids the chance to travel to a new place, have new experiences and make new friends by visiting the suburban and rural areas in Long Island, New Jersey, Northern New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.  Favorite activities include learning to swim, going fishing, visiting local amusement parks, catching fireflies, riding bikes, camping out in the backyard, stargazing, and making s’mores.


Working for Justice for Taxi and For-Hire Vehicle Drivers

It’s unconscionable that taxi and drivers are resorting to suicide from the stress they’re experiencing.

I’ve introduced legislation that will ensure justice and fairness for drivers- requiring fair hearings, reasonable caps on TLC fines, elimination of duplicate violations charges and establishing parity between NYPD and TLC fines.

I’ve submitted legislation to create a WAGE FLOOR for all drivers based on the established meter regulated fare so that drivers can make a decent living from the work they do and the service they provide for New Yorkers.

Our drivers are an important part of the city’s economy and meet major transportation needs in our communities. I’m calling on my NYC Council colleagues to support justice and fairness for professional drivers.

Want More for Your Community Board?

Community boards play a vital role in key decisions that affect all our neighborhoods. This requires extensive work and reflects the strong commitment of board members and staff to the districts they serve.

As Chair of the Governmental Operations Committee and as a former community board member, I know firsthand the challenges you face.  Not only do I want to ensure that there are no cuts to community board budgets, I will be proposing a budget increase for community boards in the upcoming fiscal year.

Here’s some background on recent budget allocations for community boards:

  • In the four fiscal years between 2012 and 2015 there was no increase in the base budgets (Personal Services and Other than Personal Services)
  • Base budgets increased by $23,000 in 2016 but only increased by $4,016 in 2017
  • In FY 2018 there was no increase
  • The Mayor’s Preliminary Budget for 2019 does not show any change in community board budgets

The reality is that even when funding remains static, other things are changing.  Community development rezoning requires the expertise and skills of urban planners.  Rising costs of housing, overcrowding and strains on infrastructure and public services are reflected in the constituent concerns that community boards must address.  Outreach and increasing constituent participation in board meetings and input in land use decisions are restricted by inadequate space, and staff is overburdened.

I want to hear from you, about how a budget increase would assist your Community Board to better serve you!  Take the Community Board Survey